The Holmes Family

The Hahndorf Inn is owned by the Holmes family. A family with 5 generations as Hoteliers and Inn Keepers. German descendants of the family arrived from Bremen aboard the ship Hermann von Beckrath at Port Adelaide in 1847 to settle in the Barossa Valley. The 5 generations of the family have owned hotels throughout South Australia as far north as Maree.

History of Hahndorf

Established as a farming village in 1839 by Lutheran refugees from East Prussia, Hahndorf has a long history of back breaking toil as well as the finer things in life.

Captain Hahn wrote of this beautiful country, later to be famous by Sir Hans Heysen, “my first glance fell on the beautifully formed trees, which nature had planted there as with the hands of a gardener”.

Its two hotels were places for convivial company, where successes and failures of harvest were discussed, dissected, celebrated or mourned over a few drinks. Although exhorted by their pastors to be moderate in their consumption of alcohol, the villagers were all well versed in the delights of the vine.

The history of the Hahndorf Inn goes back to 1853 when Gottlob Schuetze established the Australian Arms in a long fachwerk building at No. 46 Main Street. Mr Shuetze transferred his hotel to a single storied stone building over the road and changed the name to the Union Hotel in 1863. For many years, the Union Hotel was the scene of rollicking weddings, parties and musical evenings. Plays and learned lectures ranging from “Ancient Teutonic History” and “How to Make a Home Happy” added to the intellectual life of the conservative rural community.


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